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Technology Policy


R&D Center

FORCANS PET LIFE HEALTH INSTITUTE will endeavor to do our best to develop   "reliable products" and "healthful products" for a healthy life of companion animals and will keep a pioneering role in research for pet life health with our excellent development ability.

Love toward animals


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Review of benefit

Review of harmfulness through advance verification system


R&D Center

With constant challenge and overcome and commitment to new technology and product development inherent to the base of FORCANS, our R&D Center has been always developing new and unique type of products and also is doing our best to spread the image of FORCANS with keeping in mind the proposition that "the best technology is the best policy." 

Pet Life Health Institute, as the incubator of the research and development of FORCANS, was established as 'PET CARE CENTER in April, 1994 before founding the company and was performing its role. With the establishing of the company in January 1999, it has been dedicated to serving as the professional R&D department. After this, in order to strengthen FORCAN's competitiveness and to be transformed into R&D organization to create new business, we added the PET FOOD RESEARCH DIVISION to the existing PET CARE DIVISION and also expanded its organization and scale so as to be developed into the current "FORCANS PET LIFE HEALTH INSTITUTE". At the same time we have had the INSTITUTE equipped with various types of equipment needed for research and development such as modern pilot plant, lab equipment, high-tech analysis equipment, and so on.

R & D by great scholars continues here today.


R&D Marketing Planning Division

R&BD strategy experts in each field become a member of the team and are in charge of discovering new technologies and new business items, research administration support services and others through project management, technology management, long-tern technology strategy, innovation of R&D culture, and market research. 

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